RGB Digital Fibreoptic Sensors

CZ series

RGB Digital Fibre Optic Amplifier

Transparent Object Differentiation with the CZ Series RGB Sensor

Digital Amplifier CZ-K1

CZ RGB digital display amplifier

12 bit accuracy

Built-in High-precision, Triple 12 Bit A/D Converter

The amount of light received for each of the 3 RGB colours is detected at 12-bit resolution, enabling the amplifier to perform calculations using actual 36-bit data. This yields the industry's highest-resolution calculation system and results in enhanced stability for previously difficult detection applications.

Detection based on relative RGB ratios means more reliable and stable sensor operation.

Works with colours where differentiation with single-coloured sensors is impossible.

Single colour detection

These are some colours that cannot be differentiated by sensors using traditional red LED light sources.

RGB colour detection

The CZ-K1 model records the amount of light received for each of the 3 light colours as an RGB ratio (colour composition), allowing the sensor to differentiate between a variety of colour differences that cannot be detected using single colour light.

High-speed 300 µs Response

The amplifier includes a 300 us high-speed response mode. As an example of the speed provided, the system is capable of detecting marks that are 1 mm wide on a web being fed at a speed of 3.3 m/s. (HSPD = during high-speed mode operation)

Built in Self-stabilizer

The self-stabilizer monitors variations in the amount of light produced by each LED and works to ensure the light is transmitted is maintained at a constant and uniform level. Thiscancels the effects of temperature fluctuations and the passage of time on the efficiency of transmitter light.

Eight-colour Registration and External Tuning

The 8-bank switching feature allows you to store 8 settings in the amplifier's memory and switch among them using an external signal generated by a PLC. There is also an external tuning feature that lets you use an external device such as a push-button to trigger the SET operation.

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