Inductive Gauging Sensor

EX-500 series

High Accuracy Inductive Gauging Sensors

Dual Analogue Outputs can be Connected to External Equipment.

High Resolution and Accuracy

The EX-500 Series measures target displacement with a resolution of 0.03% of F.S. Select Voltage (0-5VDC) or Current (2-40mA) output for connecting to external equipment. Using the built-in linearizer circuit, the EX-500 Series accurately outputs displacement values with a linearity of ±0.3% of F.S.

Wide Measuring Range for Nonferrous Targets

The EX-500 Series provides a wide measuring range and high measurement accuracy for nonferrous targets, unlike the more limited conventional sensors.

Auto-zero Function

Pressing the auto-zero key sets the current measured value to 0 V. Zero-point adjustment with a standard target is as simple as pressing the auto-zero key. Sensor setup at product changeover is made quick and easy. (External control terminal is provided.).

Interference Suppression Function

The interference suppression function allows side-by-side installation of up to 5 sensors, enabling multi-point measurements in limited spaces.

Compatible Sensor Heads

Sensor heads of the same type can replace each other with only minor adjustments. The sensor cable can easily be extended by using the optional extension cable and changing the switch settings

Safety Functions

If the sensor head is damaged or the cable is disconnected, the ALARM LED indicator lights and an alarm signal is output.

Heat-resistant Sensor Heads (105 C) Conform to IP-67

The EX-500 Series offers four types of sensor heads including high-accuracy and long- range models. These sensor heads are ideal for measurements in harsh environments.

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