High Performance Compact 1D and 2D Code Reader

SR-750 series

Automatic Selection of Optimal Reading Conditions/Powerful on Fast-Moving Workpieces

Automatic Selection of Optimal Reading Conditions (Parameter Bank Function)

Automatically alternates 10 banks. Reads using the best conditions.

Even if difficult codes are mixed with ordinary codes on the same line, the SR-750 Series will automatically alternate between registered parameters until the proper reading conditions are found.

Powerful on Fast-Moving Workpieces

Burst Read function: Acquires up to 8 consecutive images. The decoding process is performed after continuous imaging, allowing for higher speed code detection.
High-speed image capture performance: The built-in ultra-high-intensity LED, bright enough even in a short exposure time, and high-speed digital signal processor (DSP) can capture moving objects effectively. (Reference: Max. 170 m/min with a KEYENCE test label)

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