Vision Sensor

IV series

Enhanced Utilities

Versatile use, reasonable price

Software for IV Series, IV-H1 IV-Navigator

The IV Series can be set up with an intelligent monitor (IV-M30) or a PC. As PCs can display a larger list, setup procedures are even easier to understand, and can be setup smoothly by users on the first try.

[1] Setup flow shows the current step at a glance

[2] Large, easy to see image

[3] Parameter setup fields show the current value

Simulation Function

This function allows you to check and modify the program configurations and perform operation simulations based on the image history, without connecting the sensor. This enables easy computation of the optimal thresholds while looking at the detection result statistics and histogram, even when you are away from the actual worksite.

Remote Operation


The IV Series can be setup and monitored via Ethernet. Naturally, remote setup procedures are just as easy as normal operations. (Can be performed on a PC or an IV-M30 intelligent monitor.)

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