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Enhanced Inspection Tools

Advanced Inspection Tools Unique to KEYENCE Vision Systems Have Been Upgraded for Higher Performance!

Upgraded Trend Edge Function [NEW]

An upgraded version of KEYENCE's trend edge tool, which scans a set inspection area to obtain maximum, minimum and average edge dimensions, has been added to increase the flexibility and stability of edge detection. It is now possible to extract data from each inspection point and take measurements from extrapolated lines and circles.

Upgraded Trend Edge Function

Pattern Sort Tool Provides Inspection Flexibility [NEW]

To cope with a change in size or shape of an expected search target, the CV-3000 Series can register up to 256 patterns. This allows the CV-3000 Series to find and differentiate targets despite production variations, ensuring stable detection.
Furthermore, through group registration by target, the classification function can easily be configured to sort up to 256 target variations.

Pattern Sort Tool Provides Inspection Flexibility

The Pattern Sort tool enables accurate detection of the alignment mark by choosing the optimum pattern among 256 previously registered patterns. This feature is also available with a 360┬░ rotation search.

Pattern List Registration Screen

Pattern List Registration Screen

The conventional pattern search system cannot search for a target if the target shape has changed.

Colour Inspection Function [NEW]

The colour inspection function quantifies a target using the three values of hue, saturation, and brightness. This function provides more accurate judgment because it discriminates colours by numeric values, not like the conventional method in which colours are discriminated by area values after colour extraction*.
(* Colour inspection is possible only when a colour camera is connected.)

Colour Inspection Function

Measuring the Outer Diameter of the O Ring

Measuring the Outer Diameter of the O Ring

Measures the inner and outer diameters of the O ring with up to 5,000 points and outputs the maximum value, minimum value, and average value. Can also output all measured data.

Measuring Connector Terminal Gaps

Measuring Connector Terminal Gaps

Enclose the entire length of a connector to obtain a pitch value for each pin set.

Differential Inspection [NEW]

The differential inspection function compares captured images with registered images and extracts the difference between the two. Tolerances can be set on these differences depending on the application.

Differential Inspectionw

Stain Inspection Tool [NEW]

The CV-3000 Series comes equipped with an inspection tool that searches for defects by comparing the average contrast levels on the surface of a target. Compared to colour binary processing, the stain tool will actually detect minute differences in a target even with changes in illumination. The defect distribution display function enables you to quickly view what judgment has been made in image processing.

Defect Distribution Display Function

Defect Distribution Display Function

The defect distribution display function colours and displays a defective part in blue, green, yellow, or red according to the contrast difference between the defect and the surrounding background. With this function, you can intuitively understand the degree of the difference between the parts you want to detect as defects and those you don't.

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