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CV-3000 series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Powerful Troubleshooting Tools

Long Hours Spent for Online Testing and Data Collection Are a Thing of the Past with the CV-3000 Series Troubleshooting Tools.

Statistical Processing [NEW]

The statistical function enables you to store up to 20,000 points of measurement data in the internal memory of the unit and easily check the maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation, NG count, and yield, all without having to connect to an external PC. This function also enables you to display trend graphs and histograms and make on-the-fly changes to limits based on the results of the gathered data. Up to 511* previously captured images can also be accessed directly on the graph. (*using the CV-035M or CV-S035M).

Statistical Processing

Screen Save Function [Best in its class]

Screen Save Function

The screen save function enables you to save inspected images to the internal memory or a memory card. With this function, you can view the past NG images even during operation.

Flexible Interface Options

Flexible Interface Options

Memory Card

1GB large-capacity memory card can save up to 1,000 programs. You can access programs in the memory card using the same operation as in the internal memory. Measurement data can also be directly output to the card.

USB 2.0 Terminal

USB 2.0 allows for quick transfer of image data and settings from your PC.

232C Communication

The CV3000 Series enables PLC link with KEYENCE KV Series* or other manufacturers' PLCs, as well as communications with a PC. The CV3000 Series can directly communicate with a PLC data memory without using a ladder program.
*Only available outside U.S.

Camera Cable Connection

The camera cable connection is recessed so that dead space is minimized when the control panel is installed.

Camera Expansion Unit Connection

Used to connect camera expansion unit CV-E300 when three or four cameras are used.

Ethernet PLC Link Function

Through LAN connection via 100Base-TX, you can monitor the inspection status of several controllers from a single PC. The CV3000 Series also supports Ethernet PLC link, enabling ultra-high-speed communication without using a ladder program.

System Configuration

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