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Integration of camera, lighting, and inspection algorithm

LumiTrax™ uses our newly developed ultra high-speed camera and ultra high-speed segmented lighting to capture the target workpiece. This is an absolutely new imaging method in which multiple images that were taken with lights lit from different directions are analysed in order to generate shape (irregularities) and texture (pattern) images. This makes it possible to eliminate the workpiece variations and influences of the environment that can prevent stable inspection, which enables anyone to easily perform imaging—a task that conventionally required large amounts of time and experience.

The newly developed LumiTraxTM system eliminates problems


LumiTrax™ processing

1. Lights are lit from different directions and imaging is performed at ultra high speed.

2. The changes in light intensity of each pixel among the different images are analysed to split the shapes (irregularities) and textures (pattern) into separate images.

Application examples (1)
Extracting only the shape (irregularities) information regardless of the surface conditions

Stamped character inspection

The stamped characters, which are bumpy, are inspected while ignoring the characters printed on the package.

Chip inspection on a metal surface

Factors such as remaining cleaning agent, dirt, and minor hairline fractures are cancelled so that only deep defects such as scratches and chips are detected.

Chip inspection on a printed surface

Images in which only the chips are extracted are created without being affected by the complex printed background.

Metal casting surface carved seal inspection

From a random casting surface, the carved seals with greater concave-convex information are emphasised.

Heat seal width inspection

The roughness information of sealed parts, for which changes are difficult to detect by means of colour or shading, are captured and extracted.

Hot melt presence inspection

Just the hot melt is extracted accurately even if it is of the same colour as the background.

Package opening perforation presence inspection

Even if a pattern is present in the background, inspection can be performed since it is possible to obtain the shape alone.

Application examples (2)
Suppressing glare and ambient light to extract only textures (pattern)

Printed character inspection on a film surface

Glare, which affects inspections negatively, is eliminated to enable stable inspections.

Tape presence inspection

Even when unexpected specular reflection occurs due to workpieces being tilted, the glare can be cancelled, which makes it possible to perform stable inspections.

  • LumiTrax™

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