Customizable Vision System

XG-8000 series

  • Ultra High-Speed, Multi-Camera, High-Performance Image Processing System

Ultra High-Speed, Multi-Camera, High-Performance Image Processing System

An image processing system with the ultimate camera selection

The XG-8000L is a highly flexible image processing system that has features to make line scan camera set up quick and easy

Supports line scan cameras

The interchangeable camera module type controller makes it easy to incorporate a line scan camera system that traditionally could only be done with complex, specialised machinery.


XG Series features

• Compatibility issues are eliminated since all the hardware is from the same manufacturer
• Simple connection of the camera to the controller allowing the user to obtain images quickly
• Robust solid state hardware design
• Minimal programming knowledge required


Conventional problems

• Compatibility issues arise due to connecting multiple devices from different manufacturers
• A great amount of time and effort is needed in order to capture good images
• Concerns with freezing or crashes due to the PC-based design
• Specialised programming knowledge is typically necessary

Line scan image capture setup in 4 easy steps!

Simple camera connection and setting allows for quick image generation


Connect the camera to the controller

The camera is ready to capture images as soon as it is connected to the controller. This eliminates the work hours that are typically consumed with setting up image capturing on a conventional line scan camera.


Set image capture conditions

All parameters related to image capture are located in the Image Capture Unit of the XG program.
The detailed settings are configured in a straight-forward, top to bottom order.


Adjust focus and aperture

Adjust the focus and aperture of the lens utlising the LED indicators located on the back of the camera for reference.


Correct for inconsistent image brightness

Misalignment of the light mounting position or workpiece position can cause uneven lighting in the captured image. Using the intensity waveform that has been generated in the waveform viewer as reference, correction can be performed before the image data is transferred to the controller.

  • Ultra High-Speed, Multi-Camera, High-Performance Image Processing System

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