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KEYENCE’s sensor technologies have increased the laser sensitivity by a factor of more than 16 as compared to previous models. Even shapes that were previously difficult to measure can now be captured reliably in 3D with high resolution and low noise over the entire range of magnification.

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High-Definition Colour Observation with No Pre-Processing on Targets

In general, observations performed with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) offer higher magnifications and higher resolutions than observations performed with an optical microscope.

However, some disadvantages are that colour information is not easily obtained because images are monochrome, and tasks such as pre-processing consume a much time before even beginning observation.

Laser scanning microscopes allow for colour observations at magnifications up to 28,800x.
Also, no pre-processing is required.
Despite being simple and quick, laser scanning microscopes allow users to obtain high-definition images.

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The VK-X Series employs a photomultiplier as the light receiving element.
Coupled with high-sensitivity 16-bit sensing, this allows for measurements at high resolutions.

The VK-X Series not only makes precise measurement possible, but measurement of very steep samples and complex shapes as well as measurement at low-magnification and wide-area magnification are possible, despite proving traditionally difficult for some laser microscopes.

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Two Performance Guarantees Covering Accuracy and Repeatability

The measurement results of the VK-X Series 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope are based on a traceability system linked to national standards. The accuracy and repeatability of this series is guaranteed, which helps users get reliable measurement results.

In addition, inspections will be performed at no charge after installation, ensuring usability with peace of mind.

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