From Laser Scanning Microscope to Laser Analysis Microscope

The VK-X Series 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope not only simply provides measurements but it allows users to know the real "differences" between targets.

VK-X Series of Analysis Laser Scanning Microscope

Basic Performance for Achieving Accurate Observation and Measurements

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New Functions

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What is a laser scanning microscope?

Laser scanning microscopes use He-Ne gas lasers or semiconductor lasers as a light source for microscopic inspection. Laser scanning microscopes that use a special optical system known as a "confocal optical system" are known as confocal microscopes. Being hybrid between magnified observation equipment and measuring instruments, these instruments are capable of carrying out both observations and three-dimensional shape measurements at the same time by using an observation image with a deep depth of focus (all-in-focus image).

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