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The MD-X Series is equipped with our newly developed laser oscillation technology that combines the characteristics of YVO4 and fibre lasers. It delivers high quality and high speed to match a wide range of production needs for every industry.

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The MD-X Series is equipped with a unique laser oscillation technology developed by KEYENCE that combines the characteristics of both YVO4 and FIBRE lasers to delivery a fine quality, high speed mark unlike any other laser system. In addition to its unparalleled combination of high peak power and high average power, the MD-X also delivers an extremely stable, high quality beam with a long service life to match your unique marking requirements.

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KEYENCE 3-Axis technology was the first of its kind to enable complex focal adjustments to be made on the fly during marking. Now with Auto-Focus, the MD-X Series 3-Axis laser marker can automatically adjust for variations in focus from one part to the next and ensures ease of use and superior quality.

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The built-in camera can be used to read and verify 2D codes. With our newest technology, it is possible to automatically mark and then verify the printed data for readability. In addition to pass/fail verification, MD-X Series laser markers can judge the marking quality of the 2D code after it is marked and output this value giving it comprehensive traceability functionality in a single marking device.

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The MD-X Series has an IP64 enclosure

The MD-X Series has an IP64 enclosure rating on the marking head, an environmentally resistant specification that is usually only typical in FIBRE laser technology. This and many other environmental specifications of KEYENCE laser marking systems makes it possible to operate with high precision and accuracy in nearly any production facility.

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MD-X Series 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker Catalogue

MD-X Series 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker Catalogue

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