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  • Video Microscope

  • Video Microscope        

    One 3D microscope for measurement, quality control and 3D inspection
    • Frame rate up to 50F/s
    • Record video resolution up to 1080p
    • High-resolution 3D images
    • Capture areas completely in focus
    • Ability to inspect from any angle
    • Advanced 3D measurement capabilities
    • Controller with 23'' lcd screen
  • High-Resolution video recording

    The VHX video microscope recording function allows users to generate fully-focused videos of a target even at high magnifications. By combining glare removal functions and 3D compilation technologies, it is possible to construct a 3D profile even on targets with extremely reflective surfaces. This device can record up to 50 fps and in resolution up to 1080p everything on controller with wide 23'' lcd screen.

  • Capture Areas Completely in Focus

    The depth from defocus method allows users to always have fully-focused images. By calculating the height position of the lens when each point in the image comes into focus, a 3D image can be created with height data and detailed texture information.
  • 3D Measurement

    The 3D image contains data in the XY and Z axes, providing for measurements such as volume, distance, plane angle, and profile. These are typically impossible with conventional optical microscopes. With video microscope you will be able to perform complete analysis with unmatched frame rate and resolution.

  • Inspect from Any Angle

    Compared to conventional microscopes, the VHX is extremely flexible. With the ability to inspect targets from any angle, users are able to view parts of a target that are normally impossible to see. Thgis is ideal for forensic analysis.

  • 3D inspection, imaging and analysis with profile measurement.

  • Measure any kind of details on controller with wide 23'' lcd screen.

  • Fully-Focused Images for forensic analysis

  • Precise 3D imaging for accurate analysis

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VHX-7000 Series Digital Microscope Catalogue

VHX-7000 Series Digital Microscope Catalogue

  • [File type]PDF:11.52MB

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