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  • Easy and fast particle counting with digital microscope VHX-6000

  • Particle Counting With Digital Microscope VHX-6000

    The VHX Digital Microscope allows users to conduct superior analysis through clearer observation!

    • User Independent Particle Counting Function
    • 20x Greater Depth-of-Field
    • 0.1 to 5000x Magnification
    • Multi-Angle Observation
    • Professional 2D/3D Measurement
    • Particle counting available in 4 extraction modes giving the user suggestions for best available settings 
    • Counting can be done on area up to 100x100 mm or on specified area
    • Automated distinction between metal particles, fibers and other materials

    • Particle counting according for ISO 16232 and VDA19  
    • Particle counting is user independent, after creating an observation program settings and measurement can be reproduced be each user
    • Exporting of the results is possible and automated

  • Binary conversion preview. Choose the area to count.

  • See the filter effect before execution.

  • Particle counting - individual selection. Select one particle and measure it.

  • Select the area of your interest and measure.

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VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope Catalogue

VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope Catalogue

  • [File type]PDF:7.68MB

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