International Belgium

  • The Next Generation
    Optical Comparator

    • Measurements performed in seconds
    • Consistent measurement results regardless of the operator
    • Easy usage by anyone without training
    • Flexible data usage and reporting
    • Free onsite test
    • FAST

      • Automatic recognition of position and orientation
      • Measure up to 99 dimensions on up to 100 parts with a single button press
      • Automatically saves measurement data and creates inspection report

      • Automated focus adjustment
      • Automated lighting settings
      • Automatic edge detection
    • EASY

      • Easily set up measurements with just a few clicks
      • Radius and curved surface measurements are also easy
      • Set up complicated virtual line settings by simply clicking

      • Measurements take a long time
      • Varying measurement results depending on the operator
      • A limited number of people can operate the device

        • 4x the Measure Volume
        • Measure Larger and Taller Parts
        • Measure Dimensions at Specified Heights

      Be sure to download the catalogue for details.