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  • LR-Z Serie: Multi purpose laser sensor

    • Position, contrast and transparency detection.
    • All in one Sensor.
    • Stable detection. 
    • Easy to install with small size.
  • Best Detection Ability in its Class

    LR-Z Series can detect stably clear, metallic, or dark targets. This series can also detect purely based on distance, regardless of shape, color, or surface finish.

  • Simplified Operation

    Simple setup and easy operation. With a simple button to calibrate the LR-Z straightforward and quick. A highly visible indicator and a digital display make this sensor very easy to use.

  • Product Applications

    The LR-Z has become a standard for both machine builders and product manufacturers. These applications are just a sample of where the LR-Z can be used.

  • Durable & Long Life

    The IP68/69K rating means the LR-Z is ready for the roughest of factory environments. Wash-down, oil spray, and many corrosives are no match for the stainless steel body.

Discover how LR-Z series can help you to detect all your samples easily with simple installation and set up.