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Image Dimension measurement system: profile projector

Hand calipers/Micrometers vs. IM Series

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Hand calipers/Micrometers

  • Disadvantage Actual measured points cannot be identified The points where the tips were applied are unknown except to the operator who performed the measurement. Consequently, you cannot determine where the correct points were measured without errors.
  • Disadvantage Measurement results vary based on operator The measured value fluctuates due to subtle differences in tip positions or other factors, resulting in varied measurements among operators.
  • Disadvantage Contact-based measurement is affected by pressure Measurements fluctuate on soft parts due to the fitting pressure of tips. Operator needs to define some condition for each target, such as setting a ratchet for the constant pressure mechanism.
  • Disadvantage Measured value changes depending on the temperature Hand calipers/micrometers may expand due to the body temperature of the operator, resulting in different measurement values.

IM Series

  • Advantage Measured points and values are recorded as images! The measurement settings, measured points, and measured values can be recorded as images. You can check measured points against a drawing or complete clear, understandable inspection reports.
  • Advantage Measurement results are consistent regardless of operators! Specially designed CMOS cameras automatically extract measurement points so that the measurement results are consistent without human error.
  • Advantage Measurement is taken instantly without contact! The large-diameter, double telecentric lenses capture the image of an entire part, allowing instant measurements of all points. Up to dimensions points can be measured in just a few seconds.
  • Advantage Built-in temperature sensor for adjustment according to environment! Ambient temperature data is fed back to the measured value, which prevents a change in measured values due to different ambient temperatures.

A significant reduction in measurement time!

Assume that you measure the dimensions of a part like this.
If the measurements take 20 minutes for one part and 50 parts are measured in one day...

The part requires 1000 minutes per day

If you work 20 days in one month...

The part requires 20,000 minutes per month

If you continue the measurements over a year...

You will spend 4,000 hours a year measuring that part

With the IM Series, one part can be measured in just a few seconds.
If you perform measurements on the same part...
It only takes 40 hours in the entire year!

  • Hand

  • IM Series

Time spent measuring

The IM Series improves productivity by significantly reducing man-hours spent measuring

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