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Image Dimension Measurement System
IM-7000 Series

The Next Generation
Optical Comparator

Instant Measurement System

Common Problems with Conventional Tools

  • SLOW

    Measurements take a long time

    • A djusting complex fixtures for part placement and datum setup is time consuming
    • An increase in measurements and parts can mean an exponential increase in required time

    Varying measurement results
    depending on the operator

    • Changes in focus due to setup by different operators results in inconsistent measurements
    • Variation in lighting setup between stations affect the measurement

    A limited number of people can operate the device

    • Learning how to operate the measuring instrument takes time
    • Operator error easily occurs in the measurements of items such as rounded parts and curved surfaces

IM-7000 Series

Image Dimension Measurement System

  • FAST

    Measurements performed in seconds

    • Automatic recognition of position and orientation
    • Measure up to 99 dimensions on up to 100 parts with a single button press
    • Automatically saves measurement data and creates inspection reports
    [step1]Place [step2]Press

    Eliminate operator error

    • Automated focus adjustment
    • Automated lighting settings
    • Automatic edge detection
  • EASY

    Intuitive interface that anyone can use

    • Easily set up measurements with just a few clicks
    • Radius and curved surface measurements are also easy
    • Set up complicated virtual line settings by simply clicking
    Easily set up measurements with just a few clicks [step1]Select tools [step2]Simply select around an area with the mouse

New Capabilities

  • New 4x the Measure Volume
  • New Measure Larger and Taller Parts
  • New Measure Dimensions at Specified Heights

Be sure to download
the catalogue for details.

Download the catalogue here.

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