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Thickness /

  • Avoid the neccessety of installating 2 sensors: measurement is possible with 1 sensor head
  • Transparent targets can be measured

Height /
Step Height

  • Precise detection of the position of an object's top surface
  • Objects with bottom surfaces that are not fixed are easily measured

Outer / Inner

  • Outer diameter of a
    cylindrical object is
  • Measurements with two or more axes are also possible

Stroke and

  • Special solutions depending on the target's stroke amount
  • Various types according to the target's travel speed and travel distance

Deflection and Decentering

  • Measurement of the amount of deflection of a target
  • Possible to show individual readings or combined results from multiple measurement heads


  • Measure the amount of deflection of a target
  • Sensors responsiveness is one of the most important considerations

Warpage /

  • Measured by detecting a target at three points
  • Measurement is possible by moving a target with a
    point-type sensor

2D Shape /
3D Shape

  • Measures a target's shape
  • Scanning a target using an optical point-type measurement instrument to measure a 2D shape

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