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Ultra-High-speed, High-accuracy Optical Micrometer
LS-9000 Series


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As easy as placing and measuring
Usable as a handy gauge or for in-line production

  • Off-line

  • In-line

The LS Series offers constant measurability.
Just send the target through the measuring area to output the outer diameter.

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Reduced worker-caused errors for greater guaranteed accuracy

Manual input errors

  • Contact-type

    Having workers record or input measurement results manually may lead to input errors.

  • LS-9000 Series

    Measurements can be output to a data logger, PLC, or PC, eliminating the need to worry about incorrect records.

Errors caused by inclination

  • Contact-type

    If the target is not measured at a right angle, measurement errors will occur.

  • LS-9000 Series Measurement Shaft outer diameter measurement [Correction and measurement of tilted targets]

    The orientation of the target is identified and measurements are corrected, allowing for accurate.

Reading errors

  • Contact-type

    Measurement results may vary depending on the viewing position and angle.

  • LS-9000 Series Outer diameter of copier rollers

    Values are displayed digitally, preventing read errors from occurring.

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