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Form, Contour, and Roughness Measurements in as Little as 1 Second NEWWide-Area 3D Measurement System VR-5000

  • Instant 3D Scans over a Large Area

    The VR Series is able to measure across 30 mm in just 1 second, with a maximum measurement range of 200 mm x 100 mm.

  • Consistent and Accurate Measurements

    The VR Series eliminates the influence of a user's skill level and the measurement method used, providing highly-consistent and reproducible measurements.

  • Extensive 3D Measurement Tools - Height, Roughness, CAD Data Comparison, and More

    The VR Series includes a cross-sectional profile measurement menu with tools for measuring height, width, angle, radius, etc. A large variety of 3D analysis functions such as height difference, area, volume, and roughness are also included.

For details, see the catalogue.

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