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Select the best sensor
to fit your application:Photoelectric sensors,
optical sensors or fiber sensors.

KEYENCE offers you the largest selection of sensors in the check out our FS series in our guideline!

Sensor guideline download

Suitability greatly depends on your industry and application, you might need a sensor that works in harsh environment,
oil resistant, or can coop with ambience light.However, there are two major qualities that every sensor must have:

    beam power and accuracy for greater detection stability
    to reduce labour hours and frustration

In our guideline we made a selection of more than 100 fiber sensors with these qualities for different applications.
For the full selection consult our guideline.

  • Standard Type Integrated Bracket to simplify installation
  • High-flex High-flex
  • Standard Type Flat for limited space
  • Oil /Chemical Resistant Oil and chemical resistant
  • Heat Resistant Heat resistant
  • Appl icat ion-speci fic Type Liquid level
  • Appl icat ion-speci fic Type Liquid Crystal/Semiconductors
  • Fixed Range Type Background effect reduction

Sensor guideline download

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