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Factory automation: which sensor to choose?

Sensor guideline download

Digital Fibreoptic Sensor
Universal sensor can be used for any application from presence/absence to liquid levels detection due to its small beam, high power, high flexibility, oil/chemical/heat resistance. KEYENCE sensors have over 200 different fiber units which work on longer distances and in harsh environments due to their mega power.
Safety Light Curtain
Safety light curtain provides a high-level protection of personnel and machines. It increases productivity and lowers production costs. KEYENCE safety curtains have the narrowest exposed lens surface in the industry, and have no dead zone; the installation is simple and fast.
Laser Sensor
Laser sensors have stable full-spectrum detection capabilities, therefore they are suitable to detect changes in intensity and color. KEYENCE laser sensors can detect stably even on difficult surfaces with multiple reflection, curved surfaces, transparent surfaces, heated/melted surfaces.
1D / 2D Code Reader
Large variety of code readers is used depending on application: stationary or hand-held, laser or camera based, 1D or 2D. KEYENCE bar code readers are extremely fast and able to perform contrast/angle/geometric correction for the most difficult codes.
Vision Sensor
Vision sensors are able to detect difference in contrast, shapes and edge presence, perform position adjustment and identify width/height/pitch/diameter. KEYENCE vision sensors provide stable detection, automatic focus and brightness adjustment, low distortion, digital zoom, build-in high illumination; the set-up takes no more than 1 min.
Digital Contact / Laser Type Sensors
Measurement sensor is a fair price alternative to complex expensive systems. It provides stable detection, high accuracy, easy setting, huge variation of different heads, repeatability from 1 micrometer.

Sensor guideline download

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