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Vision sensors can detect if a product with the right colour, shape, width/height/pitch/diameter is present, can check edge presence and perform a position adjustment.

Important features when purchasing:
  • easy set-up
  • lowdistortion lens
  • glare and gloss reduction
  • good automatic focus
  • digital zoom

Find few application examples below and download the guideline to learn more when you can use vision sensors.

The match percentage of the object is calculated based on the shape of the registered master image. Brightness differences or differences in individual surface conditions, which were previously difficult to handle with normalised correlation methods (pattern matching) can now be identified.

Using the registered master area (number of pixels) as reference, the difference in area from the inspection object is calculated. When using a colour model, judgement can be made based on the desired area of the specified colour. When using a monochrome model, brightness is judged by the area binarised in black and white.

The match percentage of the object is calculated based on the number of pixels in the edge (outline) of a registered image.
This makes it possible to maintain stable detection when the objects’ colour is the same but their materials are differing, or when the brightness is changing.

If the object is misaligned, 100% inspection cannot be achieved because the object may be outside the inspection area. The position adjustment function calculates the amount of misalignment from the master image in order to correct the position, and enable correct judgement. In addition, 360° rotation is supported for high speed tracking. This means you don’t need to worry about misalignment of the targets.

Sensor guideline download

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