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  • 2D In-line
    Measurement Systems

    • Diverse measurement modes
    • Position and tilt correction function
    • Large capacity memory for saving data
    • Repeatability ±0.06 µm 
    • Measurement accuracy ±0.05 µm
  • Multiple measurements at high-speed

    Two dimensional measurement with the high-speed of 2400 samples/second allows to measure maximum 16 different point within the selected area. You can choose between 15 basic and 8 auxiliary measurement modes to inspect your production line.

  • Position and tilt correction

    Products are being inspected with the highest accuracy despite their position. Thanks to the autotracking function the measurements are being immediately adjusted after detection of errors what saves time and involves less manpower on the production line.

If you want to get more information I invite you to free download of the guide through 2D measurement systems


TM-3000 Series High-speed 2D Optical Micrometer Catalogue

TM-3000 Series High-speed 2D Optical Micrometer Catalogue

Get the Functionality of Measurement Projectors and Accurate Measurements In-Line.

  • [File type]PDF:2.43MB

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