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Wide-area 3D profile-measuring instrument

Wide-area 3D profile-measuring instrument

Non-contact 3D measuring instrument are mainly used for non-contact measurement of objects measured using stylus-type measurement instruments. Specialising in measurements ranging from millimetres to tens of microns, these measuring instruments make it incredibly easy to measure an area covering a few square millimetres in about 4 seconds. Using a white LED to project a specialised striped pattern onto a target, non-contact 3D measuring instruments are able to measure roughness, curvature, and the profile with high accuracy. The built-in high-sensitivity CMOS allows photos depicting the external appearance to be captured at the same time as profile measurement, making it possible to perform observation and measurement simultaneously.

Because light is applied at an angle, data from shaded areas or from sides cannot be obtained, making this instrument unsuitable for ultra-high precision measurements similar to laser microscopes and atomic force microscopes (AFM).

Advantages Disadvantages
  • - Measurement times as short as 4 seconds
  • - Obtain 3D shapes and display colour 3D images
  • - Quick measurement over a wide area, from an angle of several millimetres to several tens of millimetres
  • - Measurement of both line and surface roughness with just one machine
  • - Not suited for sub-micron roughness measurements
  • - Information cannot be obtained for sample areas that do not reflect light, such as sides (walls)
  • - Measurement is not possible for shaded locations

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