3-as UV Lasermarkering systeem MD-U-reeks

3-Axis Control UV Laser Marker

  • High-contrast
  • Damage-free

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MD-U-reeks - 3-as UV Lasermarkering systeem

Voor alle toepassingen waarbij markering, verwerking en hoog contrast nodig zijn, terwijl de schade aan het product tot een minimum wordt beperkt.


Features of 355 nm, UV Wavelength Lasers

The absorption rate is incredibly high for a variety of materials, which enables marking and processing that is performed with minimal heat stress.

Clearer, More Detailed

High-Contrast Marking

The MD-U Series is capable of generating greater contrast for more appealing aesthetics and improved readability on 2D codes.

Reduced Heat

Damage-Free Marking

Through suppressed heat effects, burrs and yellow tinting are eliminated, allowing for a nearly perfect finish.