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          3-assen CO2 lasermarker

          ML-Z Reeks


          Reduced Setup Costs and Installation

          Costs and Installation

          The ML-Z Series locates the focal length at any distance within a 42-mm range. There's no need to design a complex mechanism to adjust the height of the marker during product changeovers.

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          300 x 300 mm marking area with unprecedented accuracy

          3-Axis Control

          Typical wide area marking applications require either a multiple marker installation, or an X/Y stage to index the target. The ML-Z’s 300 mm marking area reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for multiple marking heads and mechanical index devices. The variable focal range and spot size also helps to keep marking precision equal throughout the entire marking field.

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          Uniform and Precise Marking Capabilities

          The thin laser beam is best suited for marking in narrow spaces such as on electronic components. The 3-Axis laser control corrects distortion and displacement that may be caused by a slight misalignment that occurred during installation. The thin laser beam enables uniform and precisely positioned marking not only at the centre but also at the edges of the marking area.

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