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          Opklembare Debietsensor

          FD-Q Reeks


          Mounting and Integration

          The FD-Q can be mounted in 60 seconds without any pipe modification. The unit clamps on to the outside of a pipe with 6 standard screws and can even be done without shutting the machine down.

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          Liquids and Pipes

          The FD-Q series can detect virtually any type of liquid. This includes the flow of water (including deionised), oils, chemicals, consumer products, etc. This detection is possible through both metal and resin pipes.

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          Benefits of Clamp-on

          Contamination, pressure loss, leaks, continual maintenance and machine downtime are all risks associated with conventional flow sensors that are avoided with the FD-Q series.

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          Remote Display with Added Functionality

          In certain mounting situations, it can be challenging or even impossible to read the FD-Q’s display. By pairing the FD-Q with a MU-N controller, a separate display can be utilised, as well as increased functionality, in an easily accessible location.

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          • NU Reeks - Netwerk communicatie-eenheid

            Dramatische afname in bedradings- en installatietijd. Voor de bedrading is er tussen de PC/PLC en de NU-reeks slechts één communicatiekabel vereist.

          • FD-X Reeks - Opklembare Debietsensor

            De FD-X debietsensoren controleren lage debieten van eender welke vloeistof. De sensor kan rechtstreeks op buizen en tubes geplaatst worden die een grootte hebben tot en met 14mm.

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