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          XG-X series - Customizable Vision System

          Flexible programming interface with 3D and linescan capabilities for high-quality, high-speed inspection and control.

          IM-7000 series - Image Dimension Measurement System

          An instant solution to conventional quality inspection problems. Perform high-precision measurements, automatically record data, and generate reports with the push of a button.

          VHX-7000 series - Digital Microscope

          4K High Accuracy digital microscope capable of capturing high resolution images and measurement data for inspection and failure analysis, at the push of a button.

          Featured Shows

          October 28, 2019
          • Are Your Laser Marker Safety Measures Complete?
          • Why People Choose KEYENCE's 2D Measurement Systems for Inline Inspection
          • Solve Unsolvable Appearance Inspection Problems with KEYENCE's Latest Vision System!
          • Reducing Costs with Contact Sensors
          • Now on Sale: A New Product in KEYENCE's Series of Microscopes Used by Over 20000 Companies Around the World!
          • [New Product] The Complete Collection of Application Examples for Analyzing 3D Surface Differences in Just 1 Second
          • Making Measurements Faster, Improving Equipment Availability, and Shortening Delivery Schedules
          • Code Reader General Catalog
            Full of Application Examples Grouped by Industry!
          • Highly Reliable Safety Light Curtain
          October 14, 2019
          • Advantages of installing SJ Series Static Eliminators
          • Highly Reliable Safety Light Curtain
          • Easier and More Accurate Step Measurements
          • [New Product] The Debut of a Brand-new Image Processing System!
          • More Effective Use of 2D Codes
          • Installing Microscopes Improved Our Profits! [Customer Testimonial]
          • A Surface Roughness Parameters Guidebook Designed for the Automotive Industry
          • [New] Measurement of Targets up to 300 mm in Size with No Program Required
          • Guidebook:Marking Products for Traceability
          September 30, 2019
          • [New] Image Dimension Measurement System
          • With Auto-Teach Inspection Based on Image Processing, Advanced Inspections Can Be Easily Automated
          • Measure the flow with
            No contact, No pipe modifications
          • A Compilation of the Latest Digital Microscope Observation and Application Examples From 12 Industries
          • Laser Displacement Sensor Application Examples
            Dispenser Coating Process Edition
          • [Beginner's Guide] An Explanation of Laser Microscopes From the Basics
          • New! Laser Marking Equipment Examples
          • Do You Want to Improve Your Operations With Code Readers?
          • Tips for On-site Improvement That Can Lead to Cost Reductions

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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