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          MD-X Primary Series Image

          Newly developed hybrid laser
          Fast and clear marking on and processing of resins and metals

          SJ-LM-SERIES Primary Series Image

          Even with a built-in amplifier, the cylindrical design ensures an ultra-compact unit with a diameter of just 27 mm and a length of 93 mm. Take advantage of the high degree of mounting freedom even in restricted or limited space.

          SJ-LG-SERIES Primary Series Image

          Introducing a static electricity elimination gun with impressive dust removal performance and a robust design. Adding ions to air delivered at supersonic speeds helps not only remove foreign particles but also keep particles from re-adhering.

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          November 23, 2020
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          November 09, 2020
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          • Clamp-on Micro Flow Sensor
          • A Measurement System That Reduces Costs and Increases New Orders and Profits!
          October 26, 2020
          • [New Product] Compact Ionizer Series with Instant Visualization of Static Elimination
          • A Safety Interlock Switch like never before
          • To Anyone Who Finds Laser Displacement Sensor Settings a Hassle
          • Helping You Choose the Best Lighting for Inspection!
          • Learn from the Automotive Industry! Barcode Reader Application Methods
          • Points to Know When Considering a Microscope
          • Switching From Line Roughness to Surface Roughness in Roughness Measurement Evaluation
          • A Measurement System That Helps Reduce Costs While Increasing New Orders and Profits
          • [New Product] A New Laser Marker with Status Monitoring!

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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