Laser Marking Systems / Laser Markers

KEYENCE offers a diverse collection of laser markers, ranging from Fibre to UV to CO2 systems. Our team also delivers their technical expertise, rapid support response time, same-day shipping and personalised integration so you can enjoy a fully realised traceability solution.

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Products Lineup

MD-X series - 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker

Newly developed hybrid laser
Fast and clear marking on and processing of resins and metals

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MD-U series - 3-Axis UV Laser Marker

For all applications that require marking, processing, and high contrast while minimising product damage.

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MD-F series - 3-Axis Fibre Laser Marker

3-Axis control high-power laser
Ultra high-speed marking on and processing of metals

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ML-Z series - 3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker

3-Axis control CO2 laser
High-quality marking on and processing of paper, resin, etc.

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