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Vision Systems

Introducing the Industry's Most Complete Vision System Lineup.
Our award-winning camera and lighting technology addresses the most common vision system challenges, such as glare, low-contrast, and acceptable part-to-part variation providing the image stability, quality and consistency required for nearly any application. The KEYENCE vision system lineup includes cameras, lensing, and lighting options with resolution up to 21MP, as well as 3D and line scan cameras for increased capability to complete any inspection process.

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New Products

Vision Systems

CV-X series - Intuitive Vision System

High Performance, Icon-driven system with easy-to-use tools for simple setup by any user.

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XG-X series - Customizable Vision System

Flexible programming interface with 3D and linescan capabilities for high-quality, high-speed inspection and control.

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Line Scan series - Line Scan Camera

High-speed cameras for inspection and defect analysis on large parts, continuous webs, and cylinders.

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XG-8000 series - Customizable Vision System

The XG Series contains high level vision system technology to provide flexibility and power to solve a wide range of applications.

CV-5000 series - Intuitive Vision System

The CV-5000 Series has the largest number of camera types for its class, letting you select the optimum camera for a wide range of applications.

Other Accessories

CA-D series - LED Lighting

High-intensity lighting to ensure high quality images are captured every time.

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CA-L series - Lenses (for Machine Vision)

Ultra high-resolution, low distortion lensing for area and line scan cameras.

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