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FD-X series - Clamp-on Micro Flow Sensor

The FD-X Series flow sensors monitor low flow of any liquid by clamping directly on pipes or tubes up to 14mm.

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FD-H series - Clamp-On Flow Sensor

The FD-H Series clamp-on flow sensor is easily installed, without any pipe modification, by simply clamping to the outside of a pipe, tube or hose. This series provides stable flow rate measurement regardless of the pipe or liquid. In addition to metal and hard plastic piping, hoses (including high-pressure hoses) can also be supported. This product can not only measure the flow rates of various liquids such as water, DI water, oil, chemicals, and coolants but can also tolerate bubbles, high temperatures, and highly viscous liquids. Connecting a concentration sensor and temperature sensor allows for the centralised management of multiple parameters, helping improve product quality, and decrease costs.

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FD-Q series - Clamp-on Flow Sensor

The FD-Q Series simply clamps-on to the pipe requiring no pipe modification and detects all sorts of liquid flow.

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