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FS-N40 series - Digital Fibre Optic Sensors

Amplifier series with high clarity “ OLED” display, easy to use operation, and TERA power.

VR series - Wide-Area 3D Measurement System

High-precision, non-contact area profiler captures accurate and repeatable 3D measurements over a large area in just seconds.

IV series - Vision Sensor

Conventionally difficult cases that require multiple sensors can now be handled easily and at low cost with one “IV Series vision sensor”.

Featured Shows

October 29, 2018
  • A 2.5D Measurement System That Can Be Used on Benchtops
  • Making Traceability Systems Easy
  • Adding Value With Code Readers
  • A Vision System Introduction created by Training Course Instructors
  • Does Your Company Do Quality Control/Assurance or Research and Development?
  • Clamp-on Flow Sensors That Don't Require Pipe Modification
  • Electric Automotive Industry Applications
  • Vol. 2 of Our Collection of Laser Microscope Application Examples Is Complete
  • Easier and More Accurate Step Measurements
October 15, 2018
  • 2D Laser Marking Textbook
  • Vision System Techniques for Inline Use
  • Laser Displacement Sensor Application Examples
    Dispenser Coating Process Edition
  • Digital Microscope Application Examples in the Automotive Industry
  • Problem Solving Safety Laser Scanner
  • Vision Sensor Tips
  • Complete Collection of Kaizen Examples-Code Reader × Automotive Parts Industry
  • Our Long-awaited 3D Measurement System That Can Perform Measurements in as Little as 1 Second Is Now on Sale!
  • Just Three Seconds! Major Improvements to Dimension Inspection Speed
October 01, 2018
  • IoT Solutions With Sensors for the Automotive Industry
  • Particle Measurement Examples
  • Clearly Detect Blurry Edges With the Latest Lighting Technology
  • Solving Measurement and Analysis Issues You Have Given Up On
  • New Proposals With Multi-Spectrum Lighting: Appearance and Presence/Absence Inspections
  • Complete Code Reader Guide
  • A Textbook for Marking and Processing Metal with Lasers
  • Why Select Laser Profile Measurement Systems for Inline Inspection?
  • Problem Solving Safety Laser Scanner

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