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          Surface Scanning Laser Confocal Displacement MeterLT-9000 series

          Controller, Not Subject to Export Control, with Camera Function



          Select Language



          Measuring unit compatibility

          Measuring units are interchangeable without factory recalibration.


          Minimumdisplayable unit

          0.1 µm*1

          Display range

          ±9,999.99 µm

          Microscope function

          Display cycle

          10 times/sec.*2

          Terminal block

          Analogue output

          ±10 V x 2 outputs, output impedance: 100 Ω

          Timing input

          Non-voltage input

          Reset input

          Auto-zero input

          Monitor dedicated power supply

          24 VDC*3

          Control I/O

          Judgment mode

          3-step limits output

          For OUT1 and OUT2, and NPN open collector output*4

          Binary mode

          Binary output

          Measured data output (21 bits), OUT1/OUT2/PROFILE selectable
          NPN open collector output*4

          Strobe output

          NPN open collector output*4

          Binary selector output

          Binary selection input

          Non-voltage input*4

          Stability output

          NPN open collector output

          Laser remote input

          Non-voltage input

          Program switching input

          Non-voltage input x 3 inputs

          RS-232C interface

          Measured data output and control I/O (Selectable up to baud rate 115200 bps.)

          Video output

          NTSC compliant (PIN connector)

          Main functions

          Displacement mode

          Distance measurement,
          Transparent object thickness measurement,
          Surface selection, Dark-out, Mask, Trend
          graph display,
          and Scan width/interval change*5

          Profile mode



          Light intensity accumulation, Microscope (LT-9501H, LT-9501HSO (5654) only),
          Tolerance judgement, 8-program registration, Calibration, Averaging, Hold modes,
          Auto-zero, and interface language selection


          Power voltage

          100 to 240 VAC ±10 %, 50/60 Hz

          Power consumption

          110VA or less

          Environmental resistance

          Pollution degree


          Overvoltage category


          Ambient temperature

          0 to +35 °C

          Relative humidity

          35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)


          Approx. 2.4 kg

          *1 Display changes every ±0.3 µm.
          *2 Varies depending on the setting
          *3 Dedicated power supply for the monitor specified by KEYENCE.
          *4 Select either the Limits mode or the Binary mode.
          *5 Select either the Distance mode or the Profile mode. (Only distance mode is available with the LT-9501HSO (5654) and LT-9001HSO (5655).)
          The rating of the NPN open-collector output is 30 mA (30 V or lower) maximum, and residual voltage is 0.5 V.
          The rating of the Non-voltage input is ON voltage 1 V or lower, and OFF current 0.6 mA or lower.

          Measurement Library

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