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Surface Scanning Laser Confocal Displacement Meter

LT-9000 series


Surface scanning laser displacement meter. Z-axis scanning for accuracy and resolution. X-axis scanning for stability. Transparents targets are not a problem.

    • High-Accuracy Surface Scanning Method
    • Excellent resolution of 0.01 Mil (0.3 µm)
    • Quick and easy setup functions
    • Multiple measurement modes for a wide range of applications
    • Two directional scanning for excellent resolution and stability.

    • Confocal principle results in accuracy 10 times greater than conventional models.

    • Wide, x-axis scanning results in ultra stable measurements.

    • Setup is quick and easy using a special remote console.

    • Small spot size enables measurement of microscopic targets.

    • Film thickness and surface condition of transparent targets can easily be obtained using the confocal scan method.

    • Light intensity integration function and confocal scanning enable high stability.

    • Angle measurements can be made in 0.01 degree increments

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