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VHX-2000 series

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Allows for observation and measurement from a PC

VHX-2000 Communication software


Allows you to display and edit all captured images on your PC. This means that analysis does not need to be completed on the microscope, freeing up the microscope for additional imaging.

Solder paste (300×)

2D, 3D image playback, editing

Captured 2D images can naturally be displayed in 3D. It is also possible to adjust the angle of a 3D image and then save the image.

The main functions of the digital microscope can be performed on your PC.

2D measurement

It is possible to perform 2D measurement on captured images. This can also be used for a live demonstration of measurement in front of the customer at their location or when giving a presentation at a meeting.

Printed material (400×)

HDR image playback, editing

It is possible to store vast amounts of information that have exceeded the display limits for the monitor and display them on a PC. Individual items such as brightness, colour, and texture (pattern) can be adjusted and then rendered in the way that the user would like to view their samples.


Stitched image view

Stitched wide-field images can be browsed with high-speed, making it possible to perform 2D measurement on stitched images in addition to zooming in and out.

Reliable Support Functions

[1] Function Guide

A built-in function guide located within the menu offers explanations and illustrations for a range of functions, from basic operations such as how to turn the device on/off to practical functions such as 3D observation.

[2] Navigation Window

Provides an explanation on how to operate the different functions of the microscope as they are being used. This is extremely useful in situations where the manual is not on-hand.

Observation Condition Reproduction Function

Saves previously captured conditions such as the brightness during observation or capture settings for the camera. It is possible to perform observation under the same conditions as a previously captured image just by loading the file and then pressing the reproduce settings button.

Shutter Speed/Light Shift/White Balance/Gain/Edge Enhance/Lamp Lighting

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