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VHX-5000 series

  • Free-angle observation

Free-angle observation

Free-angle observation (XYZ motorised)

An adjustment mechanism that can easily adjust three axes of the field-of-view, rotation, and inclination. It has achieved eucentricity to let the target almost stay in the field-of-view, even when the lens unit is inclined or rotated.

Free-angle observation (XYZ motorised)

Faster Z-axis movement

The maximum speed of the motorised Z-axis stage has become faster to 17 mm/sec. This greatly improves the speed of depth composition.

0-degree locking mechanism

A mechanism has been incorporated to lock the stage in the status where it is not inclined (0 degree). This improves observation repeatability.

Improved seismic capacity

An aluminium diecast main frame has been employed. The reviewed stage structure has improved seismic capacity.

Inclination angle sensor incorporated

A built-in sensor detects the inclination angle of the stage. Now it is possible to display the angle on the observation screen or to save the condition during recording.

  • Free-angle observation

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