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          Clamp-on Micro Flow SensorFD-X series


          Controller Panel type, main unit


          Select Language




          Panel type, main unit

          Display method

          Output indicator, 4-digit 7 segment display, OLED, Stability level display

          Display refresh frequency

          Approximately 5 times/second

          Response time

          50 ms/100 ms/500 ms (selectable, default: 500 ms)

          Memory back up

          EEPROM (data storage period: more than 10 years, number of data rewritable times: 1 million times or more)

          Detection mode


          Instantaneous flow rate mode


          Error output mode



          NPN/PNP selectable
          Open collector output: 30 V or lower, main unit: 50 mA or lower/ch.*1/expansion unit: 20 mA or lower/ch., residual voltage: 2 V or lower

          External input

          Flow rate zero input/zero shift input (switchable) Short circuit current: NPN 1 mA or lower/PNP 2 mA or lower, input time: 20 ms or longer

          Network support


          Protection circuit

          Power supply reverse connection protection, power surge protection, output short circuit protection, output surge protection

          Addition of expansion units


          Power supply

          Power voltage

          20 to 30 VDC including 10 % ripple (P-P) , Class 2

          Current consumption

          185 mA or lower (including the sensor head, excluding the load current)

          Environmental resistance

          Operating ambient temperature

          -10 to +50 °C (No freezing)

          Operating ambient humidity

          35 % to 85 %RH (No condensation)

          Vibration resistance

          10 to 55 Hz, double amplitude 1.5 mm, 2 hours each for X,Y,Z direction

          Shock resistance

          100 m/s2 (approx. 10 G) 16 ms pulse, 1000 times each for X,Y,Z direction


          Main body case/front sheet: PC, Key top: POM, Cable: PVC


          Approx. 210 g

          *1 20 mA or lower/ch when adding expansion units.

          Process Controls / Process Sensors