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Remote Display

With conventional scanners, it was very difficult to monitor the scanner's status while the machine was operating. This is no longer a concern with the detachable SZ-V Display Unit which enables users to easily monitor the scanner at any time.

Additionally, series connection is now possible for up to three units and only requires one Display Unit.

Improvements and Innovations

The SZ-V has made improvements to the conventional scanner, as well as introducing new functionality to optimise machine guarding.

System Memory
When replacing a unit, the original settings can be easily transferring the system memory plug.

CRC Code
This 4 digit code is located in the software and display unit, to verify no change in settings.

Network Compatibility
The SZ-V supports various networking options to enable remote monitoring.

2 Scanners 1 Unit
With two sets of OSSD’s, the SZ-V can protect two independent zones simultaneously, saving costs and wiring.

Muting Function
The built-in muting function ensures high productivity and efficiency, while still maintaining a safe working environment.

96 Programable Profiles
Provide precise control of AGV/AGC operations using 32 banks, each with 1 protection zone and 2 warning zones.

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