Safety Controller GC series

Achieve the Top Safety Standards PLe / Category4 / SIL3

New All in One Safety Controller

The GC Series provides a way to consolidate all of your safety devices into one compact and easy to use system. Whether utilising only a few simple safety devices or dealing with complex safety setup needs, the GC Series offers an ideal solution for everyone.

GC series - Safety Controller

The GC Series consolidates any and all safety controls into one simple device. Any safety device can connect to this series and the new GC-Link can be used to eliminate wiring entirely. The GC can be expanded to 212 inputs and has an optional built-in relay output.


Easy & Flexible Integration

Safety wiring has never been easier or more mistake-proof than with the innovative GC-Link feature. When utilising the GC Series with one of many KEYENCE safety products, wiring can be reduced to a single cable that runs directly from the safety device to the safety controller and connects in a snap.


GC Series

Introducing GC-Link

Eliminate wiring mistakes when connecting KEYENCE safety devices.

Intuitive Software

Set Up Your Entire Safety Controls System in Mere Minutes

USB/Network connection

KEYENCE's innovative software enables setup in 4 simple steps.

Confirm Your Program Works in Seconds

Simply click on devices to simulate turning them ON or OFF and test your safety logic.
Quickly and easily check your program before wiring any devices using simulation mode.

Unparalleled Monitoring

Monitoring the safety status of your setup has never been easier. The full colour, detailed display provides status updates, information, and clear error/alert details.

GS interlock statuses

Event history display

GL-R beam monitoring

Event History with a Computer

For more detailed troubleshooting, grab your computer and find the event information along with detailed timing charts to better understand the situation.