Digital Fibre Optic Sensors

FS-V30 series

Improved Usability with Easy Control and Tracking Functions

World's First Power Booster Switch and Value Tracking Function

Dual Digital Amplifire FS-V30 Series

Equipped with a Power Booster Switch

Equipped with a Power Booster Switch

Power Selection Without a Complicated Procedure.

Conventional models require complicated menu operations to select the power settings. Power settings can be adjusted using a single DIP switch.

Improved Operation

Improved Operation

Ergonomic Button Layout

The amplifier was designed for ease of use, and error prevention.The SET value and the Current value on the display are different heights and colours, improving visibility. The SET button and manual buttons are separated to prevent operator error. In addition, the SET button and manual buttons are higher and larger than the other buttons, for easy setup.

Program Memory

Program Memory

Reload Your Application Settings

Operators or users may accidentally change the settings on the FS. In this case, conventional models require resetting. The FS-V30 saves your settings into memory for fast recovery.

Display Customizing Function

Only the Main Display is Active by Default.

Conventional models can be easily switched to unwanted display modes by accident, confusing operators. The FS-V30 will only display the Setting Value and the Current Value by default. If operators prefer to display an analternate format, such as Bar LED's, they can select from 6 additional options in the menu.

Display Customizing Function

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