Fibre Unit

FU series

High-flex Sensor Heads

An Unmatched Combination of High-flexibility & Unbreakable Bendability

An unmatched combination of high-flexibility & unbreakable bendability



Withstands bending up to 10 million times (Typical)

• Reduction in labour hours for maintenance
• Cost reduction



R2 mm

• Space-saving installation
• Usable in places that need complex bending
R2 mm bend radius allows flexible installation without concern for breaking


Built-in ball lens type

Built-in ball lens type

The new FU-70U fibre sensor achieves a long detecting distance of 1600 mm by using a ball lens. The detecting distance is three times longer than conventional models. In addition, the FU-70U is resistant to dirt due to its high power.


Super-compact type

Super-compact type Ø1 mm

A new free-cut cable with an extra-fine Ø1 mm diameter. A combination of an R2 mm minimum bend radius and high flexibility makes it possible to install anywhere.

Application Examples

Installation on a moving robot

Installation on a moving robot

Space-saving installation that fits the work environment

Space-saving installation that fits the work environment

FU-69X High-flex, Reflective Type

FU-69x High-flex sensor head

FU-69X High-flex, reflective unit is more flexible than a typical electric wire.

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