The NEW GV Series Digital CMOS Laser Sensor provides unmatched performance, even on metal and black (rubber) targets. Multiple models available to meet all your laser sensing needs.

    • Stable Detection of Metal Targets
    • Stable Detection of Black Targets (Rubber)
    • Ultra-Long Range up to 1m (39.37")
    • Tough, Rugged: IP-67 Enclosure Rating
    • The new datum function of the GV Series eliminates common problems encountered when using conventional laser sensors.

    • Used in a wide range of industries. KEYENCE has a CMOS laser sensor to meet any application need.

Case Studies

  • The Problem: The automated tray loader will occasionally load a tray improperly on the conveyor track. This misloaded tray eventually crashes the production line creating downtime, machine damage and potential danger for operators.

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