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8-Port EtherCAT compatible IO-Link Master Module NQ-EC8L

NQ-EC8L - 8-Port EtherCAT compatible IO-Link Master Module

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Network Specifications

Compatible Networks


Transmission Speed

100 Mbps

Connector Type

M12 4-pin female D-code

Power Supply Specifications

Power supply port IN: M12 5-pin male L-code
Power supply port OUT: M12 5-pin female L-code

Power Voltage

18 to 30 VDC
(During IO-Link communication: 20.4 V to 28.8 V)

Allowable Current

V1 and V2: max. 9 A each
V1 and V2: 11 A in total

Current Consumption

V1: max. 180 mA
V2: max. 90 mA

Sensor Connection Specifications

Connector Type

M12 5-pin female A-code

V1 Power Supply Capacity

Ports 1 and 5: Each port max. 4 A, with short-circuit protection
Ports 2 to 4, 6 to 8: Each port max. 2 A, with short-circuit protection

V2 Power Supply Capacity

Ports 5 and 6: Each port max. 4 A, with short-circuit protection
Ports 7 and 8: Each port max. 2 A, with short-circuit protection

IO-Link Specifications

Number of Connectable Devices


Compliant Standards


Transmission Speed

COM1: 4.8 kbps
COM2: 38.4 kbps
COM3: 230.4 kbps

Port type

Ports 1 to 4: Class A
Ports 5 to 8: Class B*1

Process Data Size

Input: Max. 32 bytes/Output: Max. 32 bytes

Digital Input (DI) Specifications

Number of Inputs

Max. 12 (when using DI mode)

Input Type


ON Voltage/ON Current

11 V or higher/2 mA or higher

OFF Voltage/OFF Current

Less than 5 V/less than 1.5 mA

Input Current

Pin 2: approx. 7 mA, Pin 4: approx. 12 mA

Digital Output (DO) Specifications

Number of Outputs

Max. 4

Output Type


Maximum Load Current

Each port max. 2 A

Short-Circuit Protection Circuit


Leakage Current

0.1 mA or lower

Residual Voltage

1 V or lower

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating


Ambient temperature

-40°C to +70°C (no freezing)

Vibration resistance

5 to 150 Hz/20 G/10 sweeps each in X, Y, and Z axes

Shock resistance

15 G/11 ms/3 times each in X, Y, and Z axes

Case Material

Housing: PA6-GF30
Device ID settings switch cover: PEI
Connector: SUS303


Approx. 530 g

*1 When using Class B, V1 and V2 each require a power supply.

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