Communication Unit CC-Link Compatible NU-CL1

NU-CL1 - Communication Unit CC-Link Compatible

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Number of connectable sensors

16 units max. *1

Sensor connection

Connectable sensors

Sensor amplifi ers with N-bus support *2

Number of connectable units

Up to 16 units *1

Power supply

Power is supplied from the unit via a wiring-saving connector

Allowable passing current

Total 1200 mA max.

CC-Link specifications

Supported version

Ver.2.00/Ver.1.10 (switchable)

Station type

Remote device station

No. of occupied stations

Ver.2.00: 3 stations; Ver.1.10: 1/2/3/4 stations (switchable)

Transmission speed


Station number settings

1 to 64

Power voltage

24 VDC ± 10%, ripple (P-P) 10% or less

Power consumption

1400 mW or less (at 24 V, 55 mA max.) *3


Instruction manual, CC-Link connector, power connector, termination resistor, end unit × 2


Approx. 80 g (including connectors)

*1 Depends on the sensor amplifi ers connected.
*2 “N-bus” is the name of KEYENCE's wiring-saving system for sensor amplifi ers.
*3 Exclusive of the current supplied to the sensors connected.

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