RGB Digital Fibreoptic Sensors

CZ-V20 series

CZ-V20 Series RGB Sensor Heads

Lustre-cancel and Adjustable-spot, Reflective Types

Extremely High Powered

High powered hybrid structure

Utilizes the world's first hybrid structure

The SUPER RGB sensor was developed by a dramatic redesign of the sensor head structure to improve overall performance. The transmitter uses an optical fibre, which creates an incredibly uniform beam spot and helps reduce the size of the sensor head. The light-receiving circuit is built into the sensor head, enhancing its detection ability and improving stability.

RGB light source for triple 16-bit calculation

Triple 16-bit accuracy

Three-colour light source for accurate target recognition

The SUPER RGB sensor incorporates three separate colour LED's. The signal from each colour is converted into 16-bit data in the receiver to enable colour recognition. This ensures accurate detection regardless of target vibration

[NEW] CZ-H72 Lustre Detection Sensor Head

Lustre Detection Sensor Head

Detecting Presence/Absence of Adhesive on Targets

It extracts only the lustre component from the target's surface
Most targets reflect both regular and diffuse light components. The special lustre capturing optics in the CZ-H72 sensor head extract only the lustre component and eliminate the undesirable effects of diffuse reflections.

Lighter and smaller sensor head

Light is emitted using a fibreoptic cable. Designing the light emitting electronics in the amplifier, rather than the sensor head, results in a significant size reduction.

Selectable beam spot size

Choose from 0.12" (3 mm) or 0.20" (5 mm) diameter beam spots (when detecting from 0.59" (15 mm))
Note: Total detecting range is from 0.39" to 0.79" (10 to 20 mm)

Glossy Objects/Matte Objects

Glossy Objects/Matte Objects

Unaffected by coloured patterns or print below a glossy surface

The CZ-H72 can reliably detect targets by their lustre level, without being affected by colours or print

CZ-H52 UV Sensor, Fluorescence Detection

Fluorescence detection, UV sensor

UV Sensor for the detection of fluorescent materials and paints.

The CZ-H52 emits UV light from the transmitter and detects the reflected light which was converted into visible light by the fluorescent material. Fluorescent materials and paints are normally invisible, however, they reflect visible light when UV light is applied.

Targets which may contain fluorescent materials or paints.

• Fluorescent label • Fluorescent chalk • Fluorescent lubricant • Fluorescent dye • Paper • Adhesive • Marking tool/ink-jet printer • Fluorescent colour • Label • Sticker • Optically bright materials • Transparent film • Marking ink • Grease • Ink and varnish/lacquer • Felt-tip pen • Printing ink and so on.
The CZ-H52 may be effective for detecting the above targets.

Super-small head for space saving

The small sensor head measures only 0.59" (W) x 1.30" (H) x 0.94" (D) (15 x 33 x 24 mm). It can be easily mounted in tight spaces.

CZ-H37S Lustre-cancel, Small Beam Spot

Small beam spot lustre cancel type

Small beam spot, lustre cancel type.

The beam spot is as small as 0.04" (1 mm) in diameter at an operating distance of 0.63" (16 mm). This ensures reliable detection of objects and components smaller than those detectable with conventional models.

Less affected by shape, position, inclination and surface lustre

The CZ-H37S incorporates a polarizing filter which cancels the reflection from the glossy section and only recognises targets by their colour components. The CZ-H37S maintains accurate detection despite changing target conditions.

CZ-H35S Lustre-cancel, Reflective Type

Lustre cancel reflective RGB Sensor

Less affected by shape, position, inclination, and surface lustre

Detection in an actual production line often fails due to variation in target conditions. In most cases, the failure results from ambient light reflecting off the shiny surface of a target. The CZ-H35S incorporates a polarizing filter, which cancels the reflection from the glossy section and only recognises targets by their colour components. The CZ-H35S maintains accurate detection despite changing target conditions.

CZ-H32 Adjustable Spot, Reflective Type

Adjustable Reflective Type RGB Sensor

Adjustable Beam Spot

Three beam spot sizes can be easily selected by adjusting the slide switch, allowing a wide range of targets to be inspected.

Detections that were once difficult can easily and reliably be achieved . (Super I Mode)

Automatic selection of 7 different light combinations

In the Super I mode, the sensor detects the received light quantity and automatically selects the most stable light from seven patterns. (There is no need for complicated settings because the light source is automatically selected during the sensitivity setting.)*

Automatically selects 7 light combinations

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