RGB Digital Fibreoptic Sensors

CZ-V20 series


Digital, 7 light colour combinations RGB fibreoptic sensor with 16-bit accuracy. Including a new UV sensor head, lustre detection head, 2-colour digital display and unique colour element detection. Detects targets conventional sensors cannot.

    • SUPER HIGH POWER RGB sensor Industry's best colour differentiation
    • High resolution amplifier for triple 16-bit calculation
    • New Lustre Detection Sensor Head
    • Dual digital display & Direct access
    • New UV sensor head for fluorescent Detection
    • Three detection modes for every target [Super I / C' / C+I]
    • Industry's smartest RGB sensor with even higher stability, reliability and resolution. RGB digital amplifier produces 16-bit resolution for all 7 light combinations. Built in self-stabilizer monitors each LED.

    • Superb amplifier and sensor setup resulting in enhanced stability for previously difficult detection applications.

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