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Amplifier Unit FW-V25

FW-V25 - Amplifier Unit

  • CE Marking
  • UL Recognition(c/us)







Power voltage

24 VDC, Ripple (P-P): 10% max.

Current consumption

When connected with the FW-H02/H07


1680 mW (70 mA) or less*1

Power save

1370 mW (57 mA) or less*1

When connected with the FW-H10R


2640 mW (110 mA) or less*1

Power save

2330 mW (97 mA) or less*1

Display power

2-row display with signed 3-digit, 7-segment LED (Character height: Upper row: 8 mm, red; Lower row: 5.7 mm, green)
Refresh rate: 10 times/sec. (5 times/sec. when using the display averaging function)

Operation status indicators

Red LED x 2 (corresponding to Control output 1 and Control output 2), Green LED x 2 (Display CH indicator)

Chattering prevention function

Selectable from OFF, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, and 10s (Selectable from OFF, 1, 2, 5, and 10s when connected to the FW-H10R)

Bank/external shift input

Non-voltage input (contact/non-contact inputs), Input time: 25 ms min. (This input/analogue output is selectable.)


NPN open collector, 100 mA 40 V max.
Residual voltage: 1 V max., 2 outputs (N.O./N.C. switch-selectable)

Protection circuit

Reverse connection protection, over-current protection, surge absorber

Analogue output

4 to 20 mA, maximum load resistance: 260 Ω (Bank/external shift input/analog output selectable)

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

-10 to +55 °C (No freezing)

Relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 1.5 mm, 2 hours in each of the X, Y, and Z axis


Main unit and cover: Polycarbonate, Keycaps: elastomer


Panel mounting bracket, Protective front cover, Power cable, Instruction manual


Approx. 85 g (Including a 2-m power cable)

*1 Excluding analog output. Includes head unit.

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