High-speed, High-precision Compact Static Elimination Blower

SJ-F100 series

Wide coverage with a thin,space-saving design

Super-thin, compact design for installation freedom

Wide coverage with a thin,space-saving design [Best in class]

KEYENCE engineers took a space-saving design that allows the blower to be integrated right into the target hardware and added a series of options to provide compatibility with applications ranging from mounting on cell production tables to incorporation into large pieces of equipment. The result: a static eliminator that is easy to install as it is versatile.

Wide coverage with a thin,space-saving design

Class-beat, wide-area static elimination

Despite its thin, compact blower, the SJ-F delivers static elimination over an area that is approximately 3 times larger than that offered by other similarly sized products, thanks to its newly developed variable DC method.

Class-beat, wide-area static elimination

High speed,high-precision ┬▒ 5 V static elimination [Best in class]

Newly developed variable DCmethod
Intelligent static elimination with the I.C.C. method

Electrostatic charge monitor

Multifunctional controller [SJ-F100W] [Industry first]

Static elimination effectiveness monitoring

The controller features an electrostatic charge monitor that lets you see the strength and polarity of the target object's charge at a glance.

Ion level monitor

Ion level monitor

The controller features self-diagnosis of the quantity of ions being generated. The unit can output an alarm when the quantity falls below a certain level,allowing the effects of potential problems such as dirt accumulating on electrode probes to be detected in advance.

Self diagnosis

Condition monitor

Condition monitor

The controller can output an alarm to an external device in the event that its static elimination capability becomes compromised as a result of the influence of surrounding metals or the way in which it has been installed.

Achieve precision with manual ion balanced adjustment

The ion balance can be fine-tuned according to local on-site conditions.

Air volume adjustment knob

The volume of air generated by the blower can be adjusted based on the target object.

Safe design and simple maintenance [First in class]


Low-voltage 24 V wiring

Wiring eliminates the adverse effect of discharge on cabling and surrounding equipment.

Static elimination stop input

The application of voltage to the electrodes can be stopped while the main power supply is still active. This feature can be linked to safety switches.

Abnormal discharge detection circuit

When abnormal discharge is detected, the eliminator simultaneously outputs analarm and cuts off the high-voltage power supply.

Cassette Type

Cleaning alarm

The controller's self-diagnostic function outputs an alarm when it detects that cleaning is necessary due to dirt that has accumulated on the electrodes. What's more, cassette type electrodes ensure simple and straightforward blower maintenance.



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