Handheld code Reader

HR-100 series


Wide reading area [Easy code detection] & Faster reading speed [ Immediate decoding ]

Thanks to a wide reading area and deep depth of view, codes area easily captured at the pull of the trigger. Furthermore, high-speed reading that was not available with conventional handheld readers is now possible.

Easy Code Capture Allows High Speed Reading

WIDE AREA (265 × 195 mm),LARGE READING DEPTH (380 mm)

Codes that were out of reach for other handhelds can be read with ease

The HR-100 Series' decoding algorithm is excellent at reading low contrast codes. Too light or too dark, poor resolution and contrast printed codes can be read with confidence.

An array of poorly printed codes can be read

Thin printing

Thin printing

Stained printing

Stained printing

Blurred printing

Blurred printing

Ability to read Direct Part Mark codes

Black resin

Black resin



Various features increase ease of use

Drop impact resistance 1.8 m

The HR-100 Series is built to withstand accidental drops. You can rely on its durability and use it without fear of damage.

Flexible arm stand OP-87532

Continuous reading in auto-scanning mode

When a label comes in the field of view, it is automatically detected and decoded. Using the dedicated stand, the HR-100 automatically switches into Auto Scanning, continuous emission.

Setup software HR-H1WE

You can configure reader settings using the simple interface on your PC. In addition, by using the setting of barcode printing output function, you can configure settings easily by reading a printed code.

2D CODE / Minimum resolution 0.127 mm

A high-resolution type with a minimum resolution of 0.127 mm available. The ability to read tiny codes expands the breadth of reading applications.

System configuration

HR-100 Series System configuration

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